Fake Data Terms of Use

Last updated 23 December 2020

Usage of Fake Data extension

Everybody can use Fake Data extension as they wish and everybody is responsible for their own actions.

Purchasing Pro Licenses

A user can purchase as many Pro Licenses as they want.
A Pro License can be used only by one person (the person to whom the License is dedicated).
The Pro License can be installed on an unlimited number of devices and browsers as long as they belong to the owner of the License.
Sharing the Pro License with multiple people or making it publicly on the internet may result in revoking the license without refunds (unless the License is revoked during the first 30 days since purchase and the user requests the refund explicitly).

Subscribing to Ultra Subscription

The owner of a Pro License can start an Ultra Subscription with a monthly or yearly payment, with a 30-day trial on the first activation.
Failing to pay the invoice in time may result in stopping the Ultra Subscription and features that comes with it. In such cases, the Pro License features will continue to work and a new Ultra Subscription may be started again.


A user can request a refund for the Pro License only during the first 30-days since the payment was made. Refunding a Pro License will result in revoking it on the next Fake Data extension update.
A user can also request a refund for Ultra Subscription. On a monthly recurring payment, the user can request the refund only for the last payment. For yearly recurring payments, a partial refund will be issued consisting of the remaining unused months and the current active month of the subscription.

Abusive usage of Ultra Subscription features or Fake Data Server

Any abusive usage of the features that Ultra Subscription offers or abusing the Fake Data Server (the server that provides the features included in the Ultra Subscription) may result in termination of the subscription. An abusive behavior may be, but not limited to, attacks on the Fake Data Server, consuming too many resources that may be considered unreasonable usage (such as receiving hundreds of SMS messages in a very short period of time), preventing other users from using features provided by Fake Data Server, etc.